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Kelly Gold on Deanna Peters: ‘Awesome person. Great bowler.'

Kelly Gold has bowled back-to-back perfect games.
Kelly Gold has bowled back-to-back perfect games.
Fred Eisenhammer

Bowler Deanna Peters’ ascendancy has raised speculation that she may soon be headed into the ranks of the elite of amateur women’s bowling in the L.A. area.

The Granada Hills right-hander recently put on display her precision bowling when she opened with seven strikes in her first league game at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.

Peters eventually settled for a 243 after opening in the 10th frame. She went on roll a strong 607 series (243-162-202).

Peters averaged a career-best 189 at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills last summer and has blistered a 288 game along with a 702 series (on the same day). She's been averaging in the 170s and 180s the past 12 years.

Her coach, Bill Plummer, has said of Peters that she could be “the next Kelly Gold of the ladies.”

Gold (shown in photo) is the reigning queen of the hill in the L.A. area, having solidified her hold with stunning back-to-back perfect games last year.

“Kelly’s my idol,” ace bowler and former major leaguer Rick Auerbach has said. “I tell her that every week. She has eight certified 300s and a back-to-back [300]. She’s the best in the area.”

Gold, for her part, has watched Peters bowl and she recently emailed that she really likes what she sees.

Wrote Gold: “I love Deanna. She is definitely someone to watch. Awesome person, great bowler. Great energy.”

It’s the same compliments that Gold frequently receives.

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