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Kelly Clarkson’s baby born yet? Reba McEntire dishes on pregnancy, grandchild

Kelly Clarkson hasn't had her baby yet according to mother-in-law Reba McEntire
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for DCP

Kelly Clarkson might be keeping the due date of her unborn child a secret, but there is one excited mother-in-law who can hardly wait to meet her grandchild. The legendary singer Reba McEntire was on stage at the Bayou Country Superfest at Tiger Stadium and she did chat about her daughter-in-law and even covered a song but Kelly Clarkson. According to the Times-Picayune on Friday, the country singer offered fans the status of Kelly’s pregnancy letting everyone know she has not given birth yet.

Apparently Reba McEntire is pretty excited about Kelly Clarkson’s baby. Kelly is married to Reba’s stepson and there is no doubt the two stars talk often. According to Reba, the younger country singer is soon to give birth to McEntire's grandchild. Discussing it on stage at a Memorial Day concert, she gave the Baton Rouge fans an update about Kelly’s status before belting out Kelly’s hit “Because of You."

The Bayou Country Superfest is an annual Memorial Day tradition that offers three days of evening performances. Some of the biggest stars in country music hit the stage as part of the celebration on the campus of Louisiana State University.

Kelly Clarkson is the first “American Idol” winner, but over the years her career has flourished. Besides Carrie Underwood, the fans always want to know what this reality star is doing. Being that Kelly Clarkson has focused on her health and getting ready for a child, there hasn’t been many updates for the fans.

While Kelly Clarkson’s camp has been very quiet during the final weeks of Kelly’s pregnancy, it appears that her supportive and delighted family can’t help but to share a few details of the upcoming grandchild. Who could blame them for being so happy? A new face in the family is a proud moment for any grandmother, whether they are a celebrity or not.

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