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Kellogg to use environmentally friendly palm oil from sustainable companies

According to Fox News on Thursday, Kellogg Co. says it will buy palm oil only from companies that don't destroy tropical rainforests to produce the additive used in many processed foods.

Palm oil is listed as the fourth ingredient in Kellogg’s Eggo Buttermilk waffles, and the sixth ingredient in the food company’s blueberry frosted Pop-Tarts – in both cases, a small part of a best-selling recipe.

Palm oil is a $50 billion per year commodity used in about half of all packaged goods, and US imports have increased nearly five times over in the last 10 years, according to Boston-based Green Century Funds.

Kellogg announced last week it will require its palm oil producers to source palm oil in a way that is “environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable” by 2015, in addition to the work the company says it has done on sustainable palm oil initiatives since 2009. In Indonesia and Malaysia alone, over 30,000 miles of tropical rain forests have been destroyed from increased palm oil harvesting, according to Catapult, a consultancy group that works on environment and social issues.

The company, whose brands include Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K and Pringles is thought to use about 50,000 tonnes of palm oil a year, said that it planned to impose the changes by December 2015. It has sales of $14 billion annually, manufactures in 35 countries and sells food in over 180 countries.

Kellogg's follows a string of food companies and their suppliers who have committed themselves to raising standards. It acted following reports last year that it had been using illegally-grown palm oil from Indonesia sourced from its supply partner Wilmar International, which controls over a third of the global palm oil trade. In December 2013 Wilmar committed to ban its suppliers from destroying forests and peatlands.

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