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Kellie Pickler shows off her sexy body; confesses her and husband's secret

Kellie Pickler
Kellie Pickler
Instagram/Kellie Pickler

The season five American Idol contestant Kelli Pickler is the subject of conversation on social media this morning, July 18, 2014 due to her latest photo that shows off her sexy body. Based on a posted article of The Spreadit, the “Closer to Nowhere” singer along with some of her friends took a well deserved vacation in some islands that they are allegedly keeping secret for now.

Kellie’s fans became wild after seeing her sexy photo on her Instagram account. All of them agreed that Kellie is blessed with hot and sexy body. According to an Instagram user named Archie; the former American Idol contestant looks sexy in that teeny purple bikini. He added that purple has always been his favorite color.

Aside from Archie, Abbas Goofy, one of the singer’s Instagram followers also commented, she said she loves that Kellie is famous and can afford the things she has never dreamed she could when she was younger. Abbas added that Kellie is an inspiration to others. Kellie Pickler became famous after her journey in American Idol season five, since then, she started to make a name on her own.

Kellie became the sixteenth season champion of the very popular American Dance competition “Dancing with the Stars.” She has also released several albums, in fact, she is still promoting her 2013 album titled “The Woman I Am” and had performed several concerts over the weekend.

Kellie has turned 28 years old last month. July is a busy month for Kellie; according to the report, she will be touring again after her vacation. Kellie is blessed with a good husband, in a recent interview, the season five contestant of American Idol revealed that she is so blessed to have Kyle Jacobs as her husband. According to her, Kyle has changed her life. Her sanctuary and her safe place to come to; she added that Kyle made her a better person and a better artist as well.