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Kellie Pickler reveals her grandma died one day after lung cancer diagnosis

Kellie Pickler
Photo by Theo Wargo

Kellie Pickler is sharing some sad news as she has just revealed that her grandma died just one day after finding out that she had lung cancer. On Wednesday, ABC News shared what she had to say about it all. She recently joined with Lung Force which helps raise money for lung cancer research.

Fans of Kellie remember that her grandma is the one that raised her. She took care of Kellie as she grew up and the two were very close. In the year 2002, her grandma Faye found out she had lung cancer and the next morning she passed away. This was a heart breaking time for Pickler because they were extremely close.

Kellie shared on "American Idol" that her parents were not around when she was growing up. Her dad spent time in jail and her mom just wasn't around. Faye Pickler was her father's mom and took Kellie in treating her like her own. She did an amazing job raising such a great woman who is talented but also kind at heart. Pickler also shared that she is doing great now with her husband Kyle but they aren't thinking about babies yet and are just enjoying each other.

Her grandma was 66 at the time of her death and she was a smoker. As Kellie reminds everyone, years ago everyone did not realize what cigarettes would do to you the way that they do now. You do not have to smoke to get lung cancer though and this is something that Kellie did not realize until recently.

Kellie Pickler recently retweeted a message from Lung Force. They are working with Kellie and also Jewel on their new movement. It is great news that they found two women who are so strong and vocal. They can help get the word out about their company and help fight lung cancer in this country.

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