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Kellie Pickler bikini body shared via Instagram from secret location vacation

Kellie Pickler shows off that bikini body in a new Instagram photo that she's posted for all her fans. Pickler sends her greetings from an island that she has left unnamed in her recent correspondence. Where ever she is, she's looking toned and sunkissed from her secret vacation location, suggests News Oxy on July 18.

Kellie Pickler on vaca in a bikini, showing off those curves!
Instagram /Kelli Pickler

It's a "girl's vacation" and if there is any evidence from the pictures that Pickler's been sharing, this "girls vacation" is a success in the fun department. Pickler and company look to be having a wonderful time. Her first picture from Instagram showed the singer in a car with friends. They are posing for the camera, but looking like they are ready for a great adventure. You can check out Pickler's Instagram vacation pictures here.

With hashtags like #GirlsTrip and #IslandBabes attached to her photos, there's no doubt she's in a tropical mood! She's done well documenting this trip with pictures of the outings and of her and her friends surrounded by blue skies. There's plenty to see with Pickler's pictures and her latest one has made headlines because the bikini pose shows that she's up for paradise in both body and soul! UPI suggests today that Pickler's showing off that toned body.

Pickler is in a tiny bikini holding a drink that has what looks like a piece of lemon floating in the cup. She's tan and wearing sunglasses and she's sporting an odd little fedora-type hat. If you saw her walking down the street like this, she would definitely turn heads in that bikini, but not many would recognize the star in those shades with her hair tucked under her hat.

Kelly is best known for her music, but she made a memorable appearance as part of the cast in Season 16 of "Dancing with the Stars" where she won hands down with her partner Derek Hough last year. According to News Oxy, this is the first time since that show that she's been seen in a bikini.

Kelly is truly living the American Dream and she's come a long way since auditioning for the show "American Idol," which is the venue that got America having a love affair with Pickler and her angelic voice.

Just for all times sake, check out Pickler's "American Idol" audition in the video above and see the young girl dazzle the judges, the audience and America. Also check out Paula's hairdo, it is probably not the best look for the star. After Kelly sings, Paula can only say "Wow" and she asks for 20 seconds of another song. She got three "yes's" from the judges then she comes out of the audition room and falls to the floor in happiness. Oh, and those tears!

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