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Kelli Bordeaux case: Suspect apprehended, charged, facing first court appearance

The suspect charged in the Kellie Bordeaux death is being held at the Cumberland Detention Center.

Murder suspect Nicholas Michael Holbert has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kelli Bordeaux in Fayetteville, N.C. The 27-year-old sex offender is currently being kept in the Cumberland Detention Center with bond set at $120,000 based upon the jail facility's active inmate search records.

Holbert is expected to make his first court appearance on May 15, 2014, according to news outlet WNCT. And it will be the first time since the victim went missing that the suspect has faced official charges related to her disappearance and death despite being a "person of interest" since he admitted giving her a ride home the night she went missing on April 14, 2012.

Fox News reported on Thursday that the body was found thanks to a caller who phoned in a tip, but that it has not been officially identified by a medical examiner as that of the 23-year-old missing victim. However, police 'strongly suspect' the body found is that of the Fort Bragg soldier, especially since the suspect was with them and gave them "vital" information as they searched for her body after the call per police.

Kelli Bordeaux's sister Olivia Cox is wondering about the citizen who phoned in the tip to police about her sister, asking, "How can you wait so long [to tell what you know], because we have literally been through hell and back, just begging and pleading and praying, just everything, trying to bring her home?"

It isn't uncommon for information about a homicide to slowly--if ever--make its way to police from public informants, especially in cases in which a person of interest is apprehended and freed later, after his arrest for failing to register as sex offender in the community where the crime occurred. And offering a reward doesn't guarantee public assistance either, as the John P. Wheeler case proves.

North Carolina's nearby neighbor to the South, the state of Georgia, is currently the scene of another missing person case garnering as much attention as the Bordeaux disappearance did two years ago. And in that case the missing 87-year-old elderly woman's family remains equally concerned about the lack of public witness information regarding their mother's current location, since she has been missing for approximately one week now.

According to the Daily Mail, Keith Dermond said that "the family has been wracking their brains to try and come up with any possible motive" for the horrendous crime against his father, who was decapitated after death, and for their mother's abduction. And "he hopes his mother is dead, because the idea of her suffering at the hands of a 'sick' murderer is just too much for him to bear."

The FBI offered a reward of $20,000 in that case this week. And, hopefully, the reward money will make a difference in locating the missing Reynolds Plantation homeowner and finding out what prompted someone to kill and decapitate her retired elderly husband. But as Kelli Bordeaux's sister so tearfully pointed out, she and her family didn't learn the fate of their loved one for two years, despite the best efforts of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement officials. And the family of John P. Wheeler III is still in the dark about who killed and dumped their loved one's body in a trash dumpster after he served his country militarily and at home in such significant ways.

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