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Kelley Baker Tells All About Eyebrow Tinting

Everything you need to know about adding some tint to your brows.
Everything you need to know about adding some tint to your brows.

Up until last week I had a pretty tainted view of brow tinting. All I associated it with was my college roommate who'd come home every two weeks with insanely dark eyebrows that left her looking super surprised for two weeks. But after visiting Kelley Baker for a brow wax and tint, my world changed…. at least my brow world. My brows are now the perfect shade of light brown and need little to no filling in. It makes going makeup-less super easy and cuts one more step out of my beauty routine.

I asked Kelley to give you her tips and tricks on perfecting the brow tint. If you've never received one book an appointment with Kelley ASAP. Even if you're a tinting regular these tips are great to avoid any disasters.

Q: Who are the best candidates for brow tinting?

A: Clients with blonde, red or light brown hair are the best candidates for brow tinting.
The lighter the brow hair the more of a difference the brow tint will make.

Q: Can the color used in brow tinting cause breakouts/irritation?

A: I have never seen a breakout or irritation from brow tinting. We use a vegetable dye to tint the brows which does not contain a harsh chemical to cause a breakout.

Q: How do we avoid having our brows over tinted?

A: We suggest coming to have your brows tinted once a month. But if the client notices the tint is still on the brow after a month then we would suggest waiting until the brow tint fades before coming back in.

Q: If your brows are colored too dark, what is the best way to get it to a normal color?

A: If your brows are tinted too dark you can use a tint remover to lighten the color. If that does not work, you can apply a lighter dye to the brow to lighten the color

Q: What are the best ways to keep your brow tint from fading too fast?

A: Avoid using any skin care products containing exfoliants or Renti-A/Rentin-Ol ingredients. When using those products, the tint fades faster then usual

Q: How long does the average brow tint last?

A: The average brow tint typically lasts about 2-3 weeks. Results vary depending on skin regimen & color of natural brow hair.

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