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Keller Williams Plays Two Shows in Atlanta

Keller Williams brings his children's musical act to Atlanta at Variety Playhouse on Saturday, February 19.
Keller Williams brings his children's musical act to Atlanta at Variety Playhouse on Saturday, February 19.
C. Taylor Crothers

Keller Williams will soon know which is the tougher audience: children or adults. Last year, he released his first children’s book, Because I Said So and album, Kids. Album sales have been good but it’s time for the live experience.

Keller is performing kid’s matinee shows in select cities; Atlanta being one. The show at Variety Playhouse on Saturday, February 19 comes at the beginning of Keller’s attempt to win over a new generation.

“The whole performing for kids thing, I’m pretty new to it,” says Keller. “One of the main influences behind me doing this was a record called Not for Kids Only by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. I listened to that before I had kids and I always thought that was cool.

“I’ve only done two kid shows – one being at my daughter’s school so that doesn’t really count. I’m excited about playing more”

After the matinee, Keller will have a break before he plays the evening show for adults. Even with the age difference in the audience, he says there is a sense of familiarity playing the kid shows, both for him and the parents.

“I would say I’ve always been playing to kids of different ages,” Keller says laughingly. “I think the whole idea behind the kid’s album is that there’s not a whole lot of compromise, as far as the music goes.

“It’s more like the lyrics were aimed towards the younger folks. The music, I definitely tried to make it not so complex, so there’s a little difference in the music there, but other than that, there wasn’t that much compromise. I stay true to my humor and style I think.”

Playing for children might seem like a tough audience, but Keller is getting used to pressure during shows. On February 10, Keller joined other artists on stage at Carnegie Hall for a tribute to Neil Young.

“I’ve always loved Neil Young, not only his song writing and performance, but the way he’s always like a total freak. I really respect that,” he says point blankly. “He never really worried about what people thought. I feel very lucky to not only play the music of Neil Young, but to play it on stage at Carnegie Hall.”

His February 10performance was the first time Keller performed at the legendary concert hall. One concert venue he is not a stranger at is Variety Playhouse.

“Love me some Atlanta,” he says talking about the show on Saturday. “Variety Playhouse has a great vibe.”

To show some love to Atlanta, Keller is hosting a donation drive for the Atlanta’s Children Shelter. Donations include baby wipes, hygiene products, young children’s audiobooks, etc. To see a full list of donation items click here.

The children’s matinee starts at 3:30 p.m. and tickets are $15. The evening show is at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $22.50 in advance. Family four packs are available, as well as Super FREEK Tickets which include tickets to both the matinee and evening shows at discounted prices.

Are you going? Leave me a comment below or tell me what you think about Keller Williams on Twitter @djsarahspin.


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