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Kellan Lutz defines beach style with Abbot + Main

Some of you might know Kellan Lutz from his dreamy, vampiric days from "Twilight" as Emmett Cullen. Others might know him from his modeling career. Even more know him for his philanthropic ways as a divine humanitarian who sticks up for the causes he believes in. He remains ridiculously humble, even though he stars in some major motion picture heavy-hitters this year. With all this being said, what most people are taking notice of lately is his insanely comfortable clothing line, Abbot + Main.

Now in its third campaign, Abbot + Main features soft knits which offer casual luxury.

While some take breaks after the success his career has experienced within the past few years, Kellan stays busy designing his line Abbot + Main with the normal, modern man in mind. From regular red carpet appearances being necessary at this point, Kellan states that he feels the most confident being comfortable and relaxed. Men and women everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this hottie designer has their best clothing interests at heart. He's even been quoted saying that he thinks his clothing line is the exact opposite of what most would expect to find in a fashion line. With his women's line recently launched, he'll be launching a children's line next. This news has mommies nationwide fangirling its launch.

Abbot + Main is actually an intersection in Venice Beach. Kellan used to live by the beach for quite some time. He credits the beautiful Venice Beach not only for color inspiration of his designs, but also the laid back beachy attitude all who live there exude. Abbot + Main combines the laid-back spirit of the Los Angeles beach scene with elevated, delightfully soft-handed fabrications and thoughtful design elements. Whether beachside or in Beverly Hills, Abbot + Main is a wardrobe essential with covetable knits offering a versatile take on casual luxury.

Shop the collection here. Currently Abbot + Main is offering free shipping, just in time for your beachy summer vacation of comfortable awesomeness.

For pure fangirl research purposes of course, you can keep up with Kellan's latest projects by clicking here, here, here and here. Furthermore, feel free to donate your time and love to Saving Innocence. Kellan and the kids greatly appreciate your help with this charitable organization.

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