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KeKe Wyatt and Pusha T make it pour on new track 'Rain'

Keke Wyatt and Pusha T connect on new cut 'Rain'
Keke Wyatt and Pusha T connect on new cut 'Rain'
via ThisIsRnB

Indianapolis singer KeKe Wyatt, who rose to fame on the sultry Avant assisted single “My First Love,” is surely no stranger to eye-catching headlines, as the songstress went through her fair share of scrutiny years ago when she and her then husband Rahmat Morton got into unfortunate domestic abuse debacle –which, shockingly, resulted in the former being charged for stabbing the latter. In a 2012 interview with Essence, she stated that the reason for this occurring was, in fact, she felt her life was in danger at the time – as all females in a domestic violence relationship often do: Your experience with abuse made headlines. Do you think you’ll ever live down the stabbing incident?
Wyatt: People are going to say what they’re going to say. All I know is the average person isn’t going to stab someone just for the heck of it — my life was in danger. People won’t understand until they walk in my shoes. I felt so bad for what I did, but I couldn’t let it consume me. It was my faith in God, and my family that helped me through this. Those are the people that really know what happened, and they don’t judge me. You also grew up in an abusive home. How are you making sure your own daughters don’t go through what you went through, or what your mother went through?
Wyatt: By having them in an environment that isn’t like that. It’s a process but hopefully they won’t go down the same road. What’s crazy is you go down a road and don’t even know that you’re going to end up going down that road. I did all I could to make sure my current husband Mike isn’t like that.

With her turbulent past now behind her, Wyatt, who is on the heels of releasing a pleasant batch of fresh material to the world in a form of an EP entitled, “Ke’ Ke’,” has joined forces with an unlikely collaborator and rap star, Pusha T. The pair brings their talents together and showcases their chemistry on the drum heavy cut simply called “Rain,” which should be a fan favorite, well, until you’ve blessed with hearing the rest of the extended play – that is. You can stream the song here and download the EP on iTunes here.