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Keith Urban will perform in GRAMMY Salute to The Beatles

Keith Urban will be part of tribute to The Beatles
Gabriel Olsen, Getty Images

Keith Urban will have the honor of performing in a special GRAMMY Salute to The Beatles concert that will air on CBS on February 9. The concert will be pre-recorded, but the scheduled air date coincides with the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ first television performance in the US.

The footage from The Ed Sullivan Show that night in 1964 has become ingrained in the memories of millions of music fans and history buffs for the last five decades. Girls screaming and crying, The Beatles trying to sing “All My Loving” above the hysteria, and Ed Sullivan trying to take it all in made television history.

That historic night on The Ed Sullivan Show, as well as the history of The Beatles career will be documented and celebrated on “The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute To The Beatles.” Keith Urban will be joined by John Mayer for his performance.

Alicia Keys, John Legend, Maroon 5, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are also among the first announced performers. More celebrity names will join that list in coming weeks.

Anyone who would like to attend the taping on January 27 in LA should visit right away. Tickets are selling out very quickly.

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