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Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman serenade patients at Children’s Hospital (video)

Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband Keith Urban had the fans attention when they belted out a song together. The “American Idol” judge is no stranger to a guitar so when he picked up the instrument at the Monash Children’s Hospital, the patents probably expected him to sing something. However, they got even a bigger treat. According to a "Taste of Country" on Monday, he was joined in song by his wife Nicole Kidman.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman sing for Children’s Hospital patients
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The two entertainers sang “Amazing Grace” with patents and staff plus they encouraged everyone to take part and sing along. With video cameras out, someone caught the whole incident and posted it online for the fans around the world to see and the performance was terrific.

The heartfelt moment obviously was perfect for the small audience. People chimed into the song and many even had their cameras out to remember the occasion forever. While Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are always known for their charitable ways, this special moment seemed like more than a second in time. Instead it seemed like a connection with people who were feeling unwell and looking to get better.

The couple were in Melbourne, Australia for the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball where they joined others to raise money and awareness about the cause. Looking to impact the lives of others, the entertainers have been known to step in and share their star power to help charity causes. As people watched in delight, this moving moment when the couple sung for the crowd is no exception to the rule as they definitely care about folks!

Take a look at the video clip of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman perform at the Monash Children’s Hospital. If they ever decide not to pursue their careers, they definitely can consider going on the road in a band as they sound good!

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