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Keith Urban, Beyonce concerts a hotbed for crime? Alleged rape, groping, biting

Beyonce and Keith Urban face issues with crowd control
Beyonce and Keith Urban face issues with crowd control
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Recent Beyonce and Keith Urban concerts have serious problems that might be new concerns present at every music concert across the country. With so many fans having big expectations for a performance, a few bad apples are causing issues in the crowds who pay top dollar to watch the entertainers live. According to the Los Angeles Times on Monday, there were 11 arrests at first of two Rose Bowl performances for Beyonce and Jay Z's "One the Run" tour. Additionally a man was arrested for mayhem after allegedly groping a woman and then allegedly the woman’s boyfriend.

The allegations are extremely serious and aren’t an isolated incident. Keith Urban’s concert in Boston also was plagued with issues. The entertainer performed a great concert, but 22 people were to the hospital and there is the allegation of a fans being raped. The Rolling Stone Magazine reported a man allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl on the amphitheater's lawn at some point during the evening.

The increase in crime and violence at concerts has people looking at the venues which host the entertainers. Even with the increased security, it appears that the bigger the venue, the bigger the issue. In the case of Keith Urban’s concert, the Xfinity Center is a 19,900-capacity outdoor amphitheater located 30 minutes outside of Boston. And Beyonce’s concert was expected to draw 60,000 people too.

Plenty of fingers are boing pointed to place the blame on why the concerts are becoming more noticeable with crime, but there are two things for sure. First, it is hardly the entertainer’s fault for what fans do in the crowds. They can’t sing, dance and police the audience. And the second thing to consider is that the need to pack in the crowds to pull in the maximum amount of cash has the biggest venues in the country always busy. Organizers put together the tours to make the most money possible and to do that they need every seat purchased.