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Keith Olbermann’s touching Tony Gwynn tribute moves fans (video)

When Keith Olbermann started talking about Tony Gwynn on Monday night the fans were totally involved in the moment. Keith Olbermann's monologue offered a look at a legendary player and ended with tears which touched the fans around the country. According to SportGrid on Tuesday, the anchor behind the sports desk offered a look at a MLB great in a way that touched the sport.

Keith Olbermann praised for touching Tony Gwynn tribute
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The tribute started off with a story that highlighted Gwynn's dedication and humility, and ended with tears. It was an unexpected moment that gave fans a reason to stop and reflect on Gwynn’s life and impact to the sport that America calls a national pastime. It also reminded everyone that beyond the championships of the NBA, the NHL and the World Cup, there was a pioneer of a sport that needed recognition for accomplishments years ago with his career.

The response to the tribute by MLB fans has been very strong. People who love the sport have gone back and taken a look at what the player accomplished both on and off the field. Adding that the youngsters, who didn't see him perform during the popular times of his career, are reading up on his intense stats and top-of-the-line work ethic. Sharing Tony Gwynn’s love of the sport, the tribute has instigated a look at some of the men who made the game very exciting. As Keith Olbermann definitely gave a rousing tribute, it reminded everyone about how the game once was and it gave a bit of insight on how Tony Gwynn was an individual.

Take a look at the video clip of Keith Olbermann’s tribute to Tony Gwynn. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this legendary sports hero is someone to reflect on and appreciate. Keith definitely gave people a window to talk about this legend and how baseball has changed.

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