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Keith Fournier: Gay marriage will be just as deadly as the Cultural Revolution

Keith Fournier
South Texas Catholic

Keith Fournier, the editor of Catholic Online and head of the Common Good Alliance, issued a warning on February 28th, 2014 in response to the overturning to Texas's gay marriage ban.

Along with accusing Federal Judge Garcia of wanting to "destroy marriage," Fournier insists that marriage equality will lead to as much violence as China's Cultural Revolution.

"Marriage 'is what it is', to use a popular expression," he writes. "The effort to redefine the word and then use the mechanisms of the State to entirely restructure this institution inscribed in the Natural Law – and replace it – is what is at stake here. Those who advocate giving moral and legal equivalency to homosexual and lesbian relationships are the people who oppose marriage. Their intention is to entirely reorder civil society. They use the phrase ‘marriage equality’ in an Orwellian act of verbal engineering.

"This is a propaganda ploy and a tactic aimed at nothing less than a Cultural Revolution. I know that some of my readers do not like it when I use the term Cultural Revolution. They object because the term was identified with the reassertion of Maoism in China. That movement, which turned violent, caused extraordinary social turmoil. That is PRECISELY why the analogy is apropos."

But insisting that the analogy is apropos does not magically make it so, unless Fournier is implying that he and his cohorts in the American Taliban would rather slaughter millions than let the LGBT community be left alone.

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