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Keifer Sutherland rep graciously responds to Freddie Prinze Jr.'s trash talk

Keifer Sutherland

After Freddie Prinze Jr. trashed-talked Keifer Sutherland at Comic-Con over the weekend, Keifer Sutherland’s representative spoke out in sort of a ‘kill him with kindness’ style. Following the severe bashing asserted by Prinze Jr. who said that he nearly quit acting after having worked with Sutherland due to Sutherland’s unprofessionalism, the Sutherland representative said that this was the first that Sutherland had ever heard of Prinze Jr.’s grievances, according to Fox News on Monday. The response from Sutherland’s representative was quite contrary to what Prinze Jr. surprisingly said.

In an amicable response to the severe criticism, the representative said that the two worked together five years ago. He said that Sutherland enjoyed working with Prinze Jr. He also said that the actor he represents wishes him the best.

The harsh comments from Prinze Jr. came when he was talking about his working experiences with Sutherland on the program “24.” Specifically, Prinze Jr. said that he almost quit acting over Sutherland’s unprofessional behavior. He claimed that doing “24” was terrible and he absolutely hated every minute of the experience. Prinze Jr. stated that Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. He concluded by saying that that’s not him talking trash because he said he would actually say this about Sutherland to his face. In, conclusion, Prinze Jr. said that he think everyone that has worked with Sutherland would say the same thing, according to the Wrap.

Prinze Jr. was the Cole Ortiz character in “24.” It was during his job as that character alongside Sutherland who portrayed Jack Bauer that he said he just sort of stopped acting after that. Sutherland had nothing but complimentary things to say about Prinze Jr. in 2009, also. Five years ago, he said that “24” had some great actors joining the cast including Myketti Williamson as the head of CTU and Prinze Jr. as his partner in season 8 of the show. Back when they were working together, Sutherland said that it was a great balance between something that was new and what the fans would find familiar. In spite of Prinze Jr. assertions about quitting, he has actually guest starred on a few television programs since he worked on “24.”

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