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Keeping your seafood sustainable

Let's face it, for many of us seafood plays a large role in our diet. Fish and other seafood are healthy alternatives that are full of great stuff like Omega-3. But seafood can also be a bit of a minefield for those of us looking to lighten our burden on the planet. Many of the most popular fish in grocery stores and on restaurant menus have serious sustainability issues. Some fish, such as Orange Roughy are simply overfished and others such as farmed salmon are raised or harvested in ways that harms the surrounding ecosystem.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to add healthy a delicious seafood to your diet, but being aware of the issues surrounding seafood and making an effort to make sustainable choices can go a long way.

The easiest way to arm yourself against unsustainable seafood is to check out Shedd Aquarium's Right Bite program. With a sustainable seafood guide tailored to the availabilities and tastes in the Midwest market, Shedd's Right Bite Card provides you with a pocket-sized guide that lays things out in an easy format. Simply choose fish off of the green list when possible, go off the yellow list when nothing else is available, and avoid the fish on the red list. Shedd Aquarium works closely with researchers at Monteray Bay Aquarium in California to bring consumers the most up to date research on which fish are most sustainable. With a brand new Right Bite Card out this month, there is no better time to start eating sustainable seafood!

Not sure where that tuna on the menu at your local restaurant came from? Go ahead and ask. If a restaurant can't give you a good answer on where their fish came from you might want to opt for a different dish.


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