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Keeping your New Year's Resolutions: Bootcamp with Jess

Here is a picture of Bootcamp with Jess in West Jordan, Utah
Here is a picture of Bootcamp with Jess in West Jordan, Utah
Nadia Afridi

Here we are once again, counting down for the New Year. As the clock ticks there is only one thing on our minds and that is New Year's resolutions. For some it may be to just be happier or nicer to friends, family, and themselves. For others it may be to quit smoking or drinking.

But this is not what is being thought of by the mind of a woman
. All women are worried about their figures, health, and how to stay fit for life. It seems that as the time passes, the belt sizes increases and the so-called "fad" diets go down the drain.

So to stop this from happening, many gyms around town are offering special New Year rates for their clients to get fit. One place in particular is Bootcamp with Jess. This is one place that can help you get back in shape and stay healthy for life. This program is set to help you to lose weight and never see it again. Even the state of Utah agrees with this, therefore they were awarded with the Best of State Award in 2009.

With their five day a week program you are set to lose weight and gain back that confidence that had been lost. The first week of the program consists of "Hell week", now don't take this term lightly, it literally is hell. The Bootcamp isn't there to sympathize with you. Rather they are working to set you and your ways straight.

Americans have either become way to busy or way too lazy. This is why we want everything handed to us. We no longer have time to get back in shape or eat healthy. There really are so many excuses that we end up drowning ourselves in them. Bootcamp with Jess helps stop you from drowning in these excuses and getting back into shape. The five days a week, six week program is set to work on each and every muscle in your body.

They currently have four locations in the state of Utah and are always accepting applications. For more information you can go to their website, and watch the videos they have posted.


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