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Keeping Your Liver Healthy


The liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body. It literally works all the time without taking a break to perform several essential functions in the body. It purifies blood, produces bile that aids in digestion, it produces and stores glucose, stores essential vitamins, metabolizes chemicals and alcohol, helps maintain a healthy immune system, and other essential bodily functions.

Why is it important to keep the liver healthy?

Too focused on cardiac health, most people fail to realize the importance of keeping the a healthy liver. With so many vital functions, the biggest organ is often referred to as the engine room of our bodies. According to statistics, one in every eight Americans suffer from liver problems. That's around 30 million Americans. Out of that, 4 million suffer from Hepatitis C, which can lead to cancer and even liver failure.

What can cause liver problems?

Although there are other reasons, most problems arise from overworking the liver. The amount of work you assign your liver is somewhat dependent on your daily habits. High consumption of animal-based protein, taking over the counter drugs, exposure to household chemicals such as pest control products and general hygiene products, having processed food with lot of additives and preservatives, and active or passive smoking puts a lot of stress on the liver. Over the years, these habits can slowly impair liver functions causing liver problems.

How to keep the liver healthy?

It's also important to note that the environment around us is slowly deteriorating. We breathe in air that are full of toxins and pollutants and eat food which contain preservatives, pesticides, herbicide, and other toxic materials. One of the best ways to keep the liver healthy is to supply it with vital nutrients that can aid in the liver detox.

Why Liver Support?

Take a liver support formula made from natural ingredients to detoxify the liver and provides it with all the nutrients it requires to function properly. This especially important for people who consume alcohol, smoke regularly, or under a lot of prescription drugs.

You rely on your liver more than you realize. If you want to detox your body it is essential you primary engine of detoxification your liver not be clogged with toxins. To detoxify the rest of your body your liver needs to be clear of toxins itself.

If you are concerned with optimum wellbeing wellness detoxification is something you should think about. Even if you are as scrupulous as possible about your wellbeing, your liver - certainly one of the most significant and one of the biggest organs within your body - still must work overtime to clean impurities out of your blood. At any time, 10-15 percent of the blood within your body is in your liver being cleansed of impurities due to smoke, booze and greasy foods.

Your liver also offers to create bile (an important element within the digestion of fat and also the neutralization of contaminants), create and stockpile glucose for fast energy and process alcohol, medicines and substances, help your immune protection system, and much more.

Even your sex life will suffer it your liver is not operating efficiently. The liver both produces many hormones and responsible for the elimination of others.

The liver is truly your body’s pharmacy performing hundreds of chemical reactions everyday to keep nutrients flowing and your body function. Weighing only three pounds your liver does a great deal of work and can use every bit of support you can give it. The problem is most of us between our diet, lifestyle, the pharmaceutical drugs we take and the pollution we are faced with everyday, are actually harming and make the livers functions more difficult.

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