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Keeping your kids cool

Kiddie Pools
Kiddie Pools

With the summer heat upon us, and the forecast of a hot and human mid-90's weather pattern for half of our holiday weekend, and the start of the work week next week, it is important we work extra hard to keep our little ones cool, and hydrated!

People do not think of dehydration as something that is serious, but it is, and can lead to more heat related illness like cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heatstroke.

A couple tips to help keep your little ones well hydrated are….

* Teach your children to drink before he/she feels thirsty.
* If your child is going to be outside for a prolonged period of time, for something like a sports activity, or festival, make sure they are well hydrated before heading out, and maintain their hydration levels while they are out.
* If your child prefers juice to water, make sure you dilute the juice with up to 50% water to help properly hydrate them. Juice can cause your child to become dehydrated.

* Limit things like caffeinated beverages, and those that contain high levels of sugar, they are known to cause dehydration.

* Bring snacks that will help to hydrate like watermelon, or grapes. Highly water-rich fruits.

* Pack an iced cooler with plenty of water and drinks.

* Drink lots of water yourself and lead by example. By being a good role model and showing your children it is important to stay hydrated, it will in turn help them to not become dehydrated.

With that being said, overall, just have fun!

Let us know what you and your family is doing to stay cool with this heat wave!


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