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Keeping your dog out of the garden

A dog run can keep your pet out of the garden and still give him room to play.
A dog run can keep your pet out of the garden and still give him room to play.
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You love your garden. You love the family dog. Unfortunately, the two don't always mix. Some dogs love to dig. That freshly tilled dirt is simply too tempting. Plus, there are those daily deposits. They're certainly not good for your garden soil. How can you garden, while still allowing Fido in the yard? What can you do to keep the dog out of the garden, peacefully?

Use raised beds

I'm not sure why, but dogs don't seem to bother our raised beds. We've had dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds in our home over the past few years, courtesy of kids and grand-kids. Not a single one has ever ventured into the raised beds. I have no idea why. All I know is, gardening in raised beds keeps dogs out peacefully and simply.

Fence the garden

If you have a conventional garden, you might consider fencing it to keep the dogs out. It's a good solution that doesn't involve tying up or caging your pet. T-posts and 3 foot rolled mesh keep dogs out quite inexpensively. We've done this with our new conventional garden space for right around $100. If you prefer that your dog have the same freedoms in the yard as you, fencing the garden instead allows them access to every area that isn't fenced.

Fence the dog

There's a reason dog runs were invented. I like my little dog to run as free as possible. Still, I must admit, she can make quite a mess of the yard. I can see why some people prefer fencing the dog to fencing the garden. Doing so certainly keeps the unpleasant messes and damage in one spot. Dog runs aren't cheap. They do, however last for many years and provide some room for dogs to run.

Use a tie out stake

I've never been a big fan of tying dogs up permanently in the yard. It just seems so cruel. However, if you're just staking them temporarily, so they can join you in the yard or do their “business” it's not quite so bad. It does keep them out of the garden. It also serves to keep them safe from street traffic. A tie out stake can be had for under 10.00.

Walking the dog

Sometimes we just get too lazy in this crazy life. So, we open the back door and let the dog run free, don't we? Unfortunately, that doesn't do much to keep them out of the garden and other forbidden areas. Maybe you don't want a bunch of fencing or wish to chain and lock your dog up. Why not get yourself and your dog up and moving instead? Work walking the dog into your routine. It'll keep you in shape and your keep the dog out of the garden.

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