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Keeping your dog cool with the Frobo Pet Bowl

Chills water for up to 8 hours
Chills water for up to 8 hours

With temperatures across much of the United States skyrocketing we find many ways to keep ourselves cool. However unlike humans dogs do not have sweat glands to cool their bodies and pant to try and stay cool.

With the current temperatures not likely to let up anytime soon the Frobo Pet Bowl could be a smart addition to your pet gear.

The Frobo Pet Bowl is able to chill water for up to 8 hours helping ensure a cool refreshing drink for our four legged friends. The Frobo Pet Bowl comes with a freezer core which you place in the freezer for several hours. When the freezer core turns a blueish-white color it is ready for use. To prepare it for your four legged friend all you need to do is place the core in the base and fill with water.

The Frobo Pet Bowl ranges in price from $24.99 to $29.99 and is available at Frobo, ThinkGeek and Amazon.