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Keeping your children safer while surfing the net part 2

Social Network Services privacy settings:
You can help keep yourself and your family a little safer by checking into the privacy settings at all your social network sites and block things you do not want everyone in the on-line world to know.

Staying safe while surfing the internet
Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images

You can show only family and friends personal information. But if you do not check who you want to see personal information you need to click the setting on private or else the world can and will see all your private musings you post.

Cyber Bulling is something every parent should be aware of. Bullying doesn’t only happen in the school yard anymore. With the ever growing social networking sites that are on the internet today bullies are everywhere waiting to take advantage of your children. Your child can be bullied by their cell phone or computer.

The article: 11 facts about cyber bullying states:
‘Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.’

Safe On-line Surfing:

Being anonymous is the way to go if you don’t want anyone watching your every move while surfing the net. You can visit this website: PCMAG

Which boast places to download software for your personal computer that will ‘make it impossible for the site you access to figure out who you are.’

When planning a vacation:

If you want to keep your home safer while on vacation don’t advertise to the world you, your family and the dog will all be on vacation for the month of June. This leaves little to the imagination on who might be watching your home while your gone to the beach. Wait to post all your photo’s once you have returned home.

The Sum of all things Facebook:

Limiting time spent on the social networking sites can help with the addiction of never wanting to let go of their friends on Facebook. This addition has become a real threat to the healthy psyche of our children’s young minds.

Check their Facebook page or other networking social sites for malicious posts from other users with negative statements toward your children or others in general, ban users that are not positive influences on your children.

Being vigilant with all your children’s on-line activities may help save their life from being bullied, stalked or a worst fate of being a victim of a pedophile, murderer or suicide for being bullied online.

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