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Keeping your children safer while surfing the net part 1

Facebook is a multi-billion dollar online social networking service that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

Stay safe while surfing the internet
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A social networking service provides an online platform to build social relationships and social networks with other like-minded people.

These networks provide a place people can chat, send messages, share photos, share their ideas, interests, opinions, and promote their social activities both personal and business.

You can connect with friends, family or business associates or make new friends on social networking sites.

Billions have flocked to the Facebook social networking site and ‘as of September 2012 Facebook boasts over one billion active users’ according to Wikipedia.

It connects billions of people from around the world together in one online social networking website.

Many of the people on Facebook are fanatics and social network addicts.

People are on the internet surfing the online community that Facebook has created 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Many are on day and night and it is a very big part of their lives.

Some think life or death if they can’t connect with their cyber-friends.

They make friends on Facebook and live in this fantasy world that they tell other people their hopes, dreams and problems. They make their life an open book for the entire Facebook world of over a billion people to see.

Parents should show caution when letting their children use this or any social networking service because there are all sorts of people from all walks of life on social networking sites.

Everyone on these social networking sites are not honest or even decent human beings. There are good people and bad people on the internet just like anywhere else in the world you may go. The difference is when you are on this type of site you are letting the world into your life, your families life, your work and home. Posting pictures of your spouse, your children, your pets, and your home for all the crazy world to see.

Some tips for a safer experience on-line for social networking sites:

Wired : Turn off your Smart phone camera's G P S to protect your privacy

ABC News: Tracking you through your online phone photos

Posting Photographs online:
When posting photographs from your smart phone make sure the G P S is turned off. If it is not turned off anyone can find out the exact location of where the photo was taken. Whether it be your child’s school, playground or his/her bedroom.

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