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Keeping your child healthy

Replace that bag of chips!
Replace that bag of chips!
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We no longer need studies to tell us that childhood obesity, lower IQs, ADHD and similar conditions are increasing at an alarming rate. We see it everyday all around us. Yet we keep our fingers crossed, hoping it doesn't affect our child, and only panic when it does.

However the world we live in continues to bombard our children with foods full of fats and sugar, vaccines full of mercury and aluminum and water full of fluoride. Then we buy them electronic gadgets that keep them in the house, sprawled on the couch, their eyes glued to a glowing screen exercising only their fingers. We live busy lives, we are so busy running after money to provide for them that we don't realize how much we are harming them.

The solution is so simple we miss it. Slow down and simplify. I will be very blunt because frankly it is the only way. Snatch that gadget, kick them off that sofa, hand them a cheap skipping rope, skate board, library card (surprise library cards are free!), soccer ball, ice skates whatever! Then shove them out the door with a snack that was produced by a tree. Preferably organic.

In the mean time go to your kitchen and throw out your instant, time saving, frozen, packaged ready made meals. Jamie Oliver has proven you can create healthy cheap meals that taste much better. The internet is a free resource of healthy recipes over flowing and screaming to be used. There is so much variety you will never have to cook the same thing twice in your life if you don't want to. And they all boast two important things: healthy and ready in half an hour. Yes it does take some effort, but isn't your child's health worth much more?

You also want to detoxify your child ( and yourself). It is not that hard, it requires a grocery trip. Head to your local Indian store for some spices. Turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, garlic, ginger,oregano, coriander and tamarind are found in most Asian households. They are used regularly in Indian cooking and have detoxifying, antibacterial as well as other properties like reducing joint pain. Why do you think Asian kids are always stereotyped as the smart ones? It has a lot to do with their traditional diet. Tamarind, garlic and oregano (oil) are known to help detoxify the pineal gland.

Buy organic when possible and replace all the junk food in your house with fruit, vegetables and nuts. When the kids want something sweet, bake a batch of brownies or a loaf of banana bread. White sugar can be replaced with maple sugar,sucanat, or turbinado sugars. You can add some whole wheat to the flour to get them used to the flavor or oats (great in banana bread). Add walnuts and use semisweet chocolate. Bake a good stash on the weekend, it'll save you time on weekdays.

Pour those soft drinks in the sink. Kids need plenty of water not soft drinks full of sugar and caffeine. It will be a war against the kids in the beginning, but there will come a day when they will thank you for it.

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