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Keeping your cat healthy

Long live the cat
Karla Kirby

Healthy cats are a perfect example of movement, velocity, perspicacity, agility and grace. They have gleaming coat and bright eyes. They jump high, twist at the speed of lightning and land without a sound—on their feet. Their frame bears strain our own bodies could never endure. A cat’s muscles are extremely flexible, his/her movements are comet quick and his/her senses exceedingly tuned.

Between the age’s one and eight, your cat will go through the equivalent of a human's journey from teenager to late middle age. As a loving caretaker, you are accountable for good adult cat health and lifestyle in these years and beyond.

It can be difficult to keep such an exploratory indoors. But it has been proven that this extends a cat's life because it limits exposure to predators, fleas, automobiles, and even other cats that may carry such diseases as feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Keep your cat fittingly entertained indoors by supplying toys, special spots near windows to watch the goings on outdoors, structures to climb on, or even special made for cats’ videos.

One possible side effect of being a coddled, indoor cat is obesity. If your cat starts to gain weight, limit or change his/her diet and persuade kitty to exercise more. Make quality time for play with your cat each day.

An adult cat should visit the veterinarian annually. Diabetes, dental and gum disease, hyperthyroidism and other medical problems can present themselves in adult to middle age felines... Early detection is indispensable to flourishing treatment and extended life.

As your cat approaches eight years of age, be sure to watch for signs of other age-related illnesses such as decreased appetite, weight loss, increased thirst and urination, neglect of grooming, and retreating from the household.

Both you and your cat will enjoy these zenith years. They will be filled with gymnastic-like antics and flexible poses you can't help but photograph and show your friends. If you take the apposite precautions, you can extend the health, love, and fun for many years.

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