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Keeping your cat cool

Summer is here and dogs are not the only ones who can overheat.  Here are a few tips to keep your cat comfortable:

  • Provide clean fresh water.  Clean the bowl and refill the dish several times a day.  
  • Encourage activity and play at early morning and late evening. These are times cats typically want to be more active.
  • Be aware of any rooms in your home that may get too hot. Be sure your cat does not get shut in these areas.
  • Keep window fans out of cat areas.  A knocked over fan can cause problems.
  • If you have open windows, check all screens. If your screen won't hold in place if a cat climbs up or pushes on it, the window needs to stay shut.
  • If your cat has long hair, be sure he is clean and free of mats.   A dirty cat will have a harder time staying clean and will be more likely to have hidden parasites.   He will be able to stay comfortable if clean.   Long haired cats that dislike brushing, are hard to handle, or have some types of health problems may benefit from a summer hair cut.


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