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Keeping watch over San Diego's towers

Workers will strengthen the California Tower against earthquake shock.
Workers will strengthen the California Tower against earthquake shock.
Adam Benjamin

Letting the California Tower pass a point of no return in earthquake safety would be a failure to act that deadens the future of a San Diego landmark tower. The seismic retrofit the city council set up construction start up funding for last week lengthened the cty's park restoration work plan in Balboa Park that has built up over the last two decades the city's leaders watched over the city's big park.

Time was running short to protect an iconic San Diego landmark. Work onthe seismic safety study was done last decade.

The 750,000 dollars the city council approved gives the work contractor the money needed to prepare the construction documents and line up the seismic retrofit construction work on the landmark tower. A rough earthquake tremor could change the face of the Museum of Man's outdoor architecture. ANd, make the inside walls, and ceiling, give.

Workers will soon climb the tower to save its well known outlines. Another 750,000 dollars in funding two years from now shortens the time to the construction start. COnstruciton can start in 2016 and the seismic retrofit work end in 2017.

San Diego found a way to end the hold up on the safety work. Big increases in general fund revenue were not necessary. Rent collected at Mission Bay Park's lease properties guaranteed the cty can make one of its most important park upgrades.

Regional Park Improvement Funds, the funds collected at Mission Bay Park, stay an investment in stopping the park city's outdoor fixtures from wasting away. And, keep the city's park properties steady pasttime places visited during San Diego outdoor life the locals can count on.

The California Tower inside Balboa Park's Laurel Street entrance, the park's most seen attracton, can grow older under the city's watch.

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