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Keeping up with Zena of Z Palette

Limited edition loveliness awaits you at Sephora. Domed palette with iconic stripes, $28.
Limited edition loveliness awaits you at Sephora. Domed palette with iconic stripes, $28.

It's really an honor to interview such influential people in the beauty industry for readers. Today we embark on our episode of "Keeping Up With Zena of Z Palette" to bring you some hot-off-the press answers to our makeup obsessed, burning with palette desire type of questions.

Zena Shteysel is a celebrity makeup artist who is plain and simply stated amazing. She's traveled all over doing famous faces, which brought her closer to the idea to embark on making her makeup kit weigh less. Today, her company Z Palette reduces makeup clutter on a mass scale by creating a magnetized palette in varying sizes with see-thru lids. The invention is truly and beautifully genius. Whether you're a professional in the makeup field or just want to look like you've just had your makeup done by a celebrity makeup artist yourself, we all can appreciate an expertly coordinated, organized makeup palette.

Zena keeps herself busy these days running her business ventures. She's also the head of the makeup department for "Dancing with the Stars." After eighteen seasons with “Dancing with the Stars”, Zena was most recently awarded an Emmy for her efforts. Zena's also created looks on feature films, TV shows and photography for famed Annie Leibovitz. Some of her clients include Mel B, Kim Kardashian, Laila Ali, Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Joan Hart and Brooke Burke, to name a few. Hence, the below statement goes without saying.

Readers, it's with great excitement we give you Zena Time to keep you up-to-date with all things Z related.

1- We noticed you're growing. What new expansions are you working on for Z Palette?

My goal when creating new products is to arm my customers with everything they need to customize, organize and simplify their makeup kits. We recently launched a limited edition collection of Z Palettes together with Sephora, that feature the iconic Sephora stripes. Such an exciting collaboration! I also introduced 2 new sizes to the Z Palette lineup based on customer feedback, Medium and Extra Large. There is truly a Z Palette for everyone now!

2- What's the newest design out that makeup connoisseurs are obsessing over? Are they limited edition or will they be permanent staples in your product collection?

The pro's and makeup lovers alike are all obsessing over the new Extra Large Z Palette. It's the biggest Z Palette I've ever created, you can fit a TON of product in there, but it's still so compact and thin - smaller than your ipad! For some of my customers, it's the only Z Palette they'll ever need because it holds quite a bit of makeup, and if you've got a large makeup kit, prepare for some major streamlining and consolidating. This is definitely a permanent addition to our product lineup.

3- Makeup lovers want to meet you! Where can they find you this year? Do you ever autograph palettes?

And I want to meet them! We have a busy year ahead: The Makeup Show LA 3/1 - 3/2, IMATS NYC 4/11 - 4/13, The Makeup Show NYC 5/4 - 5/5, and The Makeup Show Chicago 6/7 - 6/8. There's nothing I love more than talking to my fans. I'm always happy to autograph a palette and take a picture. I love my fans; we're like a big family!

4- What Z Palette (including size & design) is always a staple in your purse?

You'll always find a Medium Black Z Palette in my purse. It's small enough that I can easily take it with me anywhere, but it's big enough to fit an entire face worth of product. Everything from my powder to my lip gloss- bobby pins, even travel brushes.

5- Describe in detail what bothers you when traveling. How did Z Palette save your life?

What bothers me the most when traveling is forgetting to bring something with me and lugging around a heavy carry-on. The Z Palette solves both of those travel nightmares. Keeping everything neatly organized in your Z Palette makes it easy (and fast) to prep and pack, and nearly impossible to leave behind say, your favorite bronzer or highlighter, because it's all right there in front of you (the clear window helps too!) and de-potting all that bulky packaging seriously lightens your load. Z Palettes pack flat so they hardly take up any precious packing space. They will literally change the way to pack forever. The best part is, you can use your Z Palettes for more than just makeup - they keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free, and I always like to pack a Small Z Palette with safety pins, bobby pins, a bit of thread and a needle, small scissors, tweezers - desert island survival-type items - you get the picture!

6- What's your top five makeup artist essentials in your kit? Why?

My top five makeup artist essentials in my kit are:

Z Palette of course filled with Makeup Geek eye shadows- Their eye shadows are heavily pigmented and go on very smooth. I love the quality. Plus they come in refills so no need to de-pot!

Contour/Highlighter Z Palette filled with Cle de Peau concealer and Bobbi Brown foundations- Cle de Peau concealers offer a thicker consistency that can hide dark circles well and blends beautifully. I love the darker Bobbi Brown Foundations for use as contour.

Beauty Blender- It changed the way I apply makeup. It just melts the makeup into the skin with no streaks.

Ardell Demi Wispies - This lash looks beautiful on everybody.

Several ways exist to remove your pressed makeup pan from its outside packaging, thereby allowing you to customize a makeup palette the way you see fit. Some women keep an entire face of makeup in their purse within a Z Palette for easy touch ups throughout the day. The easiest method to de-pot a.k.a. de-clutter your makeup collection is by way of the oven method. This beauty examiner has been known to de-pot all those single limited edition MAC eye shadows on a foil lined baking sheet from time to time. Check out this video here on how to do this with ease. Baked at 300 Degrees for 3-5 minutes does the trick. Once done, you'll never even realize how you were operating without a Z Palette in your life. Seriously.

Shop Z Palette here and be sure to check out Zena's blog as well! Live long and prosper in a more organized way, makeup friends.

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