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Keeping in touch with a dead phone battery

With the amount of time kids spend on their cell phones, the battery is bound to die at times when they’re not home. Teens find this to be a great excuse for not calling when they miss curfew. With speed dial and contact lists, most people, even adults, do not remember phone numbers. And as we all know, once a battery dies, you can’t use your contact list to call on another phone. A broken screen could prevent communication, too. Here is a way to always be able to keep in touch, in four easy steps, as long as you have access to another phone.

1.) Remove the back of your phone.
2.) Put a piece of tape on the inside of the cover. White athletic tape works best. It doesn’t become dry like masking tape and doesn’t leave a sticky residue when it’s removed. Make sure it doesn’t cover the camera opening or any other opening your cell phone may have. Also if your length of tape is too long, athletic tape rips easily to make it smaller. And the lack of residue makes it easier to switch out when someone changes their number.
3.) Write the essentials phone numbers on the tape.
4.) Replace the back of the phone.

Your teenager, or yourself, will never be out of touch with this quick solution.

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