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Keeping the Faith: Jamie's Latest Updates

Perfect Form!
Perfect Form!
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As anyone who has conquered the battle of the bulge( or dedicated  Biggest Loser viewer) knows,  breaking the 200lb barrier is major. Jamie has done it! Currently weighing 197 lbs, Jamie can kiss the 200 plus club goodbye.  What is more impressive is her body fat (currently 25.5 %) and the change in her wardrobe. She is now in single digit sized clothing! 

These impressive milestones have not come without setbacks. Jamie puts them into three categories: Diet/Nutrition, Physical, and Emotional. 


Jamie's teaching schedule keeps her busy. She has found it difficult to consume both the amount and kind of food needed for her plan." I cut too many carbs out too fast. I had no energy and the protein I was taking in was not being used as protein but as energy. So for about two weeks I plateaued."


Her intense running has aggravated a previous issue: plantar fascitis. " I've been soaking my foot in buckets of ice water so I can keep performing."


As important as diet and exercise is to weight loss success, addressing the emotional roller coaster many find themselves on is crucial to success. Jamie has found that the discipline required to achieve her goals come with a price. "I am slightly more irritable because I'm constantly fatigued.I don't usually get home until 7pm. To be in bed by 8pm is a task!"

Perhaps a less direct obstacle has been addressing the opinions of others. All though well intentioned, comments by onlookers can zap even the most motivated of spirits." 'How skinny do you want to be? Are you sure you are eating? Are you making yourself sick? Why are you eating that? I could never do what you're doing.' I vent with my training partner Amanda... it helps to talk to someone who understands."

Despite the setbacks, Jamie keeps getting closer and closer to her goal!

*Next, we'll learn the details about Jamie's upcoming fitness competition*


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