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Keeping the Earth Day spirit alive

Each year on Earth Day, are you one of the thousands of concerned citizens who jump into action to keep the environment clean?

Earth Day 1970

Urban society in the 1960s ran rampant with pollution, and limiting factors and clean measures were virtually non-existent. As citizens expressed concern for this destruction, they began to rally together in support. Grassroots protests encouraged government officials to re-examine this troubling situation. Senator Gaylord Nelson was one of those with the power to institute change.

News about an upcoming national environmental event breathed life into an already burdened society. The date was set for April 22, 1970. Would the event do well? As it turned out, an estimated 20 million citizens brought out Earth Day to overwhelming success. Their passionate pleas acknowledged the need for change.

Accomplishments worth repeating

Grassroots organizations helped show the government that environmental destruction could not continue. Thanks to pressure, a flourishing of support created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as the National Environmental Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. Little by little, air, soil and nature were given a second chance.

Earth Day events

Around San Diego, the Earth Day spirit is faithfully maintained. Throughout the year local organizations like San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego Coastkeeper and the San Diego River Park Foundation provide education, resources and scheduled activities for maintaining clean and renewable surroundings.

Balboa Park hosts an annual Earth Fair with demonstrations, entertainment and countless educational opportunities for green living and healthy, organic lifestyles.

East County residents as well as those county-wide should consider the annual SanTree Fest held in Santee. This popular celebration features tree planting, river cleanups, healthy food, demonstrations and kids’ discovery centers.

Daily involvement

Earth Day is more than just a single day-long event. Earth Day is every day. Little can be achieved with isolated activity, and without consistency, small problems become large problems. Take part in the Earth Day pride, and keep your community beautiful.

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