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Keeping pets safe from holiday decorations

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Christmas trees and other holiday decorations are starting to make an appearance in homes all across America. However, pet owners need to think carefully about their choice of decorations.

Secure the Christmas Tree
When setting up a Christmas tree, whether real or fake, anchor the tree so it doesn’t fall and injure pets. Cats especially love to play in and around trees so it is important to make sure the tree is hard to tip. When it comes to real trees, there are other hazards to consider. Pets often try to drink out of the tree water. The ASCPA says this water is a breeding ground for bacteria and could easily make pets sick. Cover the water to help prevent animals from drinking it.

Skip the Ribbon and Tinsel
Cats love anything sparkly and ribbons have always been a kitty magnet. Cats often will end up swallowing ribbon if it’s available which causes bowel obstructions. Using wider ribbon is often an alternative but every cat is different.

Ban the Mistletoe and Holly
These two plants are poisonous to pets. The ASCPA says these will cause nausea and diarrhea. Some cases can be more severe. Using silk or plastic flowers instead is a way to keep the home full of holiday cheer without the worry of poisoning pets.

Watch the Light Cords
While it is often portrayed in movies, many pet owners still don’t believe that cats will try to chew the light cords. However, this is a real concern. Try to make light cords unappealing with sprays, or unavailable by keeping them out of reach. PetMD suggest taping cords to walls to keep them out of reach.