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Keeping it in the neighborhood

South Park neighborhood
South Park neighborhood

One of the most intriguing things about Charlotte is how the Queen City can be known as such a large corporate metropolitan but still have a true neighborhood and community feel. Just a mile south of the skyscrapers of Uptown, you enter large Oak lined streets with historic homes set on sprawling lawns. (That is if you leave Uptown and head to Myers Park.) And this combination of innovation and tradition is one of the attributes that makes Charlotte so special.

One of the most unique things about Charlotte is how self-sufficient each individual neighborhood can be. Many neighborhoods contain their own restaurants and bars, grocery stores and hardware stores all within a couple miles radius. And many Charlotteans need not leave their neighborhood for all their daily necessities. On one hand this can lead to exclusivity but on the other, it creates a true sense of community within your surrounding area which is rare in big cities.

Madison Park (the neighborhood within the square created by Park Rd and South Blvd, Woodlawn and Tyvola) is one of those neighborhoods. Madison Park residents need only to go less than a mile and a half to find themselves in Park Road Shopping center with a grocery store, hardware store, drug store, movie theatre, and multiple retails shops. And then just one block over to Montford Drive for some of the best local restaurants and bars. And the same goes for residents of Ballantyne, South Park, Plaza-Midwood, Cotswold, Myers Park and Dilworth.

As residents of these neighborhoods, we become promoters of “our” individual hot-spots and businesses. We want our neighborhood spots to succeed and feel called to stay loyal to those businesses that choose to share our neighborhood. Some Charlotte neighborhoods offer hustle and bustle of urban living, while others provide a slower, more peaceful setting of the suburbs, and each of us have chosen our particular neighborhood accordingly. We have chosen our neighbors wisely and even in the largest city in the state of North Carolina, we hope to gain the sense of community.

Charlotte’s unique mix of big city and small town attributes has contributed to it being voted one of the best places to live by and And with 199 neighborhoods spanning from Uptown to Ballantyne, it’s clear that many people agree.

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  • Ashley 5 years ago

    I live in Morningside and actually walk to the grocery store when its nice and only need a few items. Ready for spring!

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