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Keeping colds at bay.

It's cold season here in Lincoln Nebraska. Fluctuating temperatures, snuffly noses and children sharing everything leads to colds, sinus infections and sore throats. Running the heat at night with dirty duct work and hot dry air can cause problems too. Many home remedies abound with regard to healing a cold, but one or two stand out as being particularly effective.

Firstly the old standby, Hot lemon and honey. A soothing elixir for the throat. Now mix into that lemon and honey some cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper and you've got yourself a powerhouse. Not too much of course or you will melt your brain, an eighth of a teaspoon of each is sufficient. It's a strong and powerful mixture but will clear your cold up fast.

The Healing powers of Honey

If you are really determined to kill those bacteria, chewing on a clove or two of garlic and washing it down with your honey and lemon powerhouse will work like magic. AND you have the bonus of not infecting anyone else since you'll find friends and family start to take two steps back when you walk in the room! Garlic has naturally antibiotic and antiviral properties boosting your immune system and kicking the behind of your cold.

The Wonders of Garlic

Finally mixing a spoonful of honey and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and taking that concoction twice a day is very soothing on the throat. It also tastes quite delicious which will be a welcome relief from all the other potions!

Cinnamon and Honey

If all else fails oranges oranges oranges and it can't hurt to pick up some of those drink mixes with the huge doses of Vitamin C available at your local grocery store.


Stay warm, stay hydrated and good luck keeping healthy this season.

(The usual warnings and restrictions apply here, contact your doctor for advice before beginning any unusual treatments and so on. All the above remedies have been used by myself personally and have produced no ill effects. )


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