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Keeping Christ in Christmas in Marietta Square

Nativity on the Square, Marietta, GA
Nativity on the Square, Marietta, GA
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Thousand dollars a day price tag to allow Jesus in town square

By Stella Lohmann

December 19, 2009—Atlanta, GA

Seventy five year old Doris Fowler has spent much of the last twelve years planning for Christmas year round. When it’s humid in Hotlanta-Atlanta, Georgia, Fowler is raising money so that Jesus Christ can be part of the city’s holiday decorations on Marietta Square in December. This year is no different except Doris is another year older and is moving a little bit slower.

When city officials decided in the mid-nineties to remove Jesus from the holiday displays, Doris confronted her elected officials. The compromise was to pay a fee, a thousand dollar per day. She must find a Nativity, find the money, and find a way to draw others to the square. As in years past, this year, there are choirs singing hourly from noon to 10 PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 17-19th.

Snow is predicted in the area and it should be cold again on Saturday evening. “Oh, Doris will be here. She won’t leave, “says Ron Hollingsworth, Cobb County resident and board member of the Citizens for a Christian Christmas Celebration, the organization Doris founded to assist in promoting the Nativity on the Square. “She’ll be here until her feet give out.”

This Saturday Doris will be honored by the Atlanta Christian Conservatives, a politically active social group begun on Facebook.

“She was confronting elected officials long before it was considered a ‘tea party’,” says an ACC group member. “Her efforts deserve recognition and are an inspiration for those who want to make a difference. Besides, it’s a great excuse to invite like minded Georgians to gather holding blankets and hot chocolate instead of a sign!”

For Doris, Jesus is the Reason not only for the Season but for everything she does year round. Perhaps that is the bottom line.


  • Pat Atlanta Faith and Family Examiner 5 years ago

    I was so gratified to read this story. Thank you for publishing it. There are those of us who still believe that Christmas is all about Christ and the spirit of love and giving. It is a wonder to me why people cannot just practice/or not practice their own religion without having to try and harm or take away the faith of others whose ancestors have believed since that wonderful day when Christ was born. Why isn't it enough for people to just practice their own heritage and not try to tear down that of another. I have never known of a Christian faith that tried to change another's holiday celebrations. Thank you again for this warm, inspiring and encouraging story. God has taken her name down and her recompense will be far greater than a thousand dollars a day come reckoning day.

  • Yousaf Farhat 4 years ago

    Pat, I totally agree with your comments and am so grateful to God Almighty for giving the human mankind the greatest gift of His son Jesus Christ. The holidays we celebrate in the USA and around the world are because of the Christmas and if God had not send His son there wwas not going to be any holidays. We need to keep the Christ in Christmas and stand with Dorris Fowler for her cause. Thanks Dorris Fowler and may God bless you abundantly and give you good health in the years to come.