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Keeping Chicago's beaches clean

Lake Michigan in all its majestic glory.
Lake Michigan in all its majestic glory.
JoAnn Fastoff

I don't know about you but  I am continuously awed by the spectacular phenomenon called Lake Michigan. With its pristine waters waiting on me to nourish me physically, emotionally and selflessly, it not only feeds my human palate but also the birds, four legged natural wonders and plants and flowers.

We must keep Lake Michigan clean. We have no right to destroy something we did not naturally create. I want my children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews to enjoy the splendor for decades to come that I perhaps have taken for granted.

Although Chicago's beaches comprise a mere sampling of water in the mighty family of the Great Lakes - Lake Michigan is still our Great Lake. Please help us clean up 57th Street Beach on Saturday, September 25th from 9:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. This way you will be doing your part to ensure our beaches are clean and healthy...and here.

If you're interested in joining me and the rest of "G's Army", let us know by commenting below. This is a good thing!




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