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Keeping america safe during tornado season

Now that a large amount of tornadoes have occured, we have decided that building stronger buildings will prevent the damage "they" cause. The problem is that "they" are us and the author of it all, is God. If God's purpose is for us to grow closer to Him and He knows that He has to bring loss into our life to accomplish this, He will and nothing will stop Him. He's about eternal safety.

Joplin, MO
Portuguese Water Blog Photo of Joplin, MO

When issues arise, the usual response from our "worldly" leaders are to fix it ourselves. Why does every human that doesn't have faith in the God of the Heavens and of the Earth, believe that the amount of destruction that is supposed to happen, can be stopped or lightened from outside of the source? Keep in mind, we are talking about destruction that comes from tornadoes, hurricanes or tsunamis. We are talking about the tornado that can destroy a town and leave one home completely untouched. Unfortunately, unbelievers and some believers have become a bunch of "Pharoahs", because of pride and disbelief.

Pharaoh saw the unthinkable happen. Seas, ponds and rivers turned into blood by the touch of Aarons' staff; a disease spread throughout their livestock. They were struck by the most verocious thunderstorm Egypt has ever seen, to that point, that included deadly hail and lightning; he was a witness of the outspread boils afflicting his people and even the death of the Egyptians firstborn, including his own. Yet still his heart stayed hardened so he believed he could stop the circumstances or God's will.

There are tsunamis and earthquakes destroying more lives then we have ever seen, tornadoes ripping through urban areas and showing that even a river will not stop it's path and all of this is happening more frequently then ever, within a short period of time.

"Recent analysis of historical data shows that four of the top ten most deadly earthquakes and tsunamis since 1701 occurred in the last decade, including the 2004 Indian Ocean (Sumatra) and 2010 Haiti events. The magnitude 8.8 2010 Chile earthquake was the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded...Until 2010, the most deadly event in the Caribbean was the 1902 eruption of Pelee that caused 28,000 deaths. While devastating, this event is dwarfed by the 230,000 deaths that resulted from the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The 2010 Chile earthquake is among the top ten most deadly earthquakes and tsunamis in the entire history of Chile.While the database does not provide answers as to why these recent events are so deadly, the analysis reinforces the need for increasing our understanding of earthquakes and tsunamis in all regions of the world. As the global population continues to increase, placing more people at risk, it is important to dedicate resources to mitigate against the effects of such natural hazards."

Just as Nimrod chose to build the Tower of Babel, we are coming together to build tougher buildings to prevent damage from tornadoes. Hello? We lack common sense. Is it nonsense to make stronger buildings? Not exactly because they could serve other purposes, but if the Lord wants to allow destruction to bring people to Him, He is going to do it and a building of any kind will not be able to stop Him. This isn't happening because of global warming. It's because of man's love for his desireshas strongly overcome the desire of God's will.

Nowhere in the entire passage referring to the Tower of Babel is there found the slightest indication that the builders considered God's will in their plans. The Bible goes to great lengths to confirm God's displeasure for society's "worldly" pursuits. The Psalmist writes of God's intervention into the affairs of humanity:

"The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples." (Psalm 33:10 NAS).

Would I be bold enough to say that everyone who has lost something during these times of the end days, are those that are being told to not put their cares and plans on the world, but the Lord? No, but there has to be some that are being told this, in correction, to open their eyes and others that are growing closer to God because of this.

Let "nature" take it's course. God's nature. A nature that shows us over and over and hopes we are willing to listen so He can do what He's been trying to do for over two thousand years - come reign with us again on Earth. Now that's the safety that I'm awaiting. The Good News is that God won't relent until He has this. Click on the video to the left, "You Won't Relent" by Jesus Culture and meditate on what's truly happening.

"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9


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