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Keeping a Happy Wife

A happy wife makes for a happy home, right? Women are usually the ones who set the emotional tone for the rest of the house. If you want to come home to a happy household, there are steps that you can take to make sure you have a happy wife. Women can be a bit fickle, each one preferring something different from the one before, so how can a man know what he should do for the one he is trying to please? Luckily, there are certain needs and desires that the majority of women share. There may be slight variance in the particulars, but for the most part, there are basic needs we are born with.

Women instinctively look for the two P's when they are in the market for a husband and they continue to need these after the nuptials are said. These are a protector and a provider. A man should defend and protect his wife, whether that is defending her honorable name in conversation or wrapping a warm around her in the cold, let her know that you are her hero. Providing for your family is important, even today when many women are walking into corporate America five days a week. A woman may want the right to work, but most also want it to be a choice. There may come a time that they no longer want to leave the home to work and that needs to remain an option.

A good husband is dependable. His wife knows that she can count on him to keep his word and be trustworthy. He is not stopping off for a drink after work and forgetting to call or come home until late in the night, causing her worry. He is not forgetting the kids' soccer games or birthday parties. He is there, just as she knew he would be because he is dependable. He is not out galavanting with other women, even in so-called innocent flirtation. A happy wife will have a husband who only allows his eye to roam when it is doing so towards her.

Physical affection is a wonderful way to put a smile on your wife's face. A gentle pat on the knee, a loving embrace, holding her hand or stroking her hair are beautiful expressions of your love. If you have neglected to do these things for a while, she may be suspicious at first that you are working for your own means. Don't give up, after a few times she will accept your gift for what it is. Love and affection.

Many marriages never have a chance to make it because there is no communication between the partners. Unfortunately, the majority of these end in divorce before they really had a chance to get off the ground. Your wife wants you to listen to her, truly paying attention to what she is trying to tell you. Most women love to talk and will tell you what she is thinking and feeling quite willingly if you are there to hear her.

Romance is not a lost art, or at least it shouldn't be. She needs to feel loved and appreciated and will be happy if she does. You can do little things to make sure she is feeling this way. How about leaving a cup of coffee for her in the morning with a note to say good morning and that you love her? This doesn't cost a thing but a moment of your time and yet, will stay with her all day. Bring her home a bouquet of flowers to show her that you understand and appreciate her love of beauty. When you can, take her away for a weekend of relaxation and pampering. You can even send her with a friend or all alone if this is what she prefers. Everyone needs a break once in a while, including your wife.

You can have a happy wife, even if you haven't seen one in years. She wants to be happy with you just as much, if not more, than you want her to be. Doing the above things for her will get her well on her way to marital bliss with you, the man who won her heart and her hand in days past.

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