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Keeper of the Fruit Loops blogger delights Nazareth library audience

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Finding a parking spot was harder than usual for patrons and visitors to the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity Wednesday night, where the faint sounds of muffled voices and the occasional burst of laughter drifted up to the circulation desk from somewhere beyond the lobby.

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Strategically placed signage pointed the way to stairs and an elevator that carried visitors into the bowels of the library, leading to a starkly-appointed meeting room where a table, laden with copies of the book, "I Just Want to Be Alone," was set up in a corner. Rows of chairs, scattered in front of the table, were occupied by a group of women listening intently to the book's author read from one of her not-yet-published blog posts.

The chair behind the table sat empty, abandoned by local blogger and first-time book author Christine Burke, who sat instead alongside her audience as she read and chatted with her fans.

Released on March 22, "I Just Want to Be Alone" is an anthology featuring essays by some of the country’s top mommy bloggers, including Burke, the author/owner of “Keeper of The Fruit Loops” blog, who recently celebrated her first anniversary as a blogger.

When asked how she got her start blogging, Burke's standard reply, she says, is "I have no earthly idea."

Not entirely true, she confessed to her audience Wednesday night, as she read from her blog-post titled, "How I Got Here."

A self-described “Erma Bombeck Martha Stewart with a Roseanne twist,” Burke relayed some of the highlights of her journey to becoming a published writer, from her blogging debut on the Nazareth Patch to the thrill of being invited to contribute to "I Just Want to Be Alone."

"And it all happened in one year," said Burke, shaking her head in disbelief as she added,

"In the coming weeks, my work will be featured on the websites Scary Mommy, InThePowderRoom and Momastery. I have four book signings on my calendar and was just contacted via Twitter by the CEO of InThePowderRoom so she could specifically tell me how funny she found my work. I’ve been approached about regular contributorships and have a few pieces awaiting approval for publication in a humor magazine."

Burke is in good company with the other authors of "I Just Want to Be Alone," volume two of the best-selling “I Just Want to Pee Alone” series. Co-authors include Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat, New York Times bestselling author Karen Alpert. A.K. Turner, Kim Bongiorno, and parenting writer-turned-mommy blogger Deva Dalporto, whose video parody of “Let it Go,” from Disney’s Frozen, went viral last month.

Amazon reader reviews of "I Just Want to Be Alone" include,

"Guaranteed to make you laugh and have at least one story you see yourself and your husband in. It's so easy to relate to these very real women.-- Stephanie of Binkies and Briefcases
An absolutley hilarious collection of essays that remind us we're all in the same circus - just different tents.