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Keep your phone or camera safe this summer with the DryCASE

DryCASE available for use with variety of devices
DryCASE available for use with variety of devices

With the summer in full swing people are spending more time at the pool, beach or other outdoor activities. However most summer activities are not electronic friendly. The DryCASE just might be the perfect solution to keeping your phone, camera or iPod safe. Even better you will still have full use of your phone. The only exception is flip-phones which will require the use of Bluetooth. The flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag of the DryCASE allows your phone or camera to stay dry even when submerged underwater.

The DryCASE comes with a buoyant “extreme activity” armband which allows for even more piece of mind. With the addition of a stereo and microphone jack the DryCASE becomes the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle.

The DryCASE retails for $39.99 and can be found online here. Currently no retailers in Indiana or the surrounding states carry the DryCASE.