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Keep your nose to the grindstone – perseverance

SCORE mentor writes about staying the course in business.
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A recent Greater Phoenix SCORE ( newsletter item, penned by SCORE mentor Patricia Coyle, is very effective in pointing out one of the mainstays of business success is the ability to overcome hurdles, not get discouraged and stay in for the long haul.

Coyle note that when starting a new business some people are blinded by their passion for the business and thus blinded to the realities of trying to make it work. When reality hits hard, they often lose faith and give up. The people who make it, she points out, are the ones who get back on the “horse”.

How would you define success? “Success is not so much achieving your goals, but rather having the stamina and perseverance to pick yourself up each time you fall by the wayside,” Coyle writes. “We learn from mistakes and there is no better teacher than natural consequences.”

Ignore the internal voice that may feel doubt or criticism. What helps is having strategies that help keep your business going.

Development of a sound, and realistic business plan, is by all accounts one of the absolute necessities of business success. Many pros like Coyle point out this is your roadmap for success. Follow the plan wisely and update it regularly.

Mentors, and SCORE as an organization offers many in different business areas, should be sought and utilized. Working with a mentor who understands success and how to achieve it on a frequent basis can help a business overcome even those hurdles that may seem insurmountable.

Small steps taken well are better than large leaps into unchartered waters, like an area of expertise that does not fit your skill set. Stick to what you know and to what helps you accomplish your business goals, but don’t rush the process. “If you promise yourself to do at least one thing every day to further your plans, at the end of the year you will have made almost 400 positive steps to achieving your goals,” writes Coyle.

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