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Keep Your Kids Entertained With Inexpensive iPhone Apps

As a small-business owner, my husband’s lifeline is his iPhone. I’m not sure how he ever managed to survive without it. He’s constantly on it – making phone calls, answering e-mails and texts, surfing the web and tweeting, all in an effort to keep the business going.

As a working parent, he’s also discovered that his iPhone is a great way to keep his 3 year-old daughter entertained. She has become a whiz at playing games on his phone. I am pretty sure she can work that phone better than I can!

I was pleasantly surprised to find several articles from Mashable on just that subject.

The first, entitled “20 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps for Parents,” is by Jeana Lee Tahnk. She says that these apps “don’t necessarily make you a better parent, but can make your life a little easier, or help out in a pinch wherever you are. And when you have a screaming, bored, hungry, or need-to-use-the-bathroom kid, sometimes a little help is all you need.” Amen sister.

Some of my favorites from her list are:
Time-Out Free – track the duration of your kids’ time-outs
SitOrSquat: Public Bathroom Finder
Disney World Wait Times

The second, “15 iPhone Apps to Tame the Kids,” by Josh Catone, divides up the apps by Toddler, Younger Kids and Older Kids. One of my daughter’s favorite from this list is Balloonimals. Some of these are educational, some not so much.

What are your favorite free apps for parenting and keeping your kids entertained? As parents know, children’s attention spans don’t last long!



  • Kathy Nolan 5 years ago

    On a VirginAmerica flight with my two young daughters, I had the two of them entertained for the entire flight using WeetWoo from the itunes app store and the free WiFi on the flight. It's a $1.99. They can look through playlists of videos and choose the one they like - they are all kid safe. They watched some Kim Possible videos as well as Phineas and Ferb. I'd highly recommend this. Not sure if they are coming out with a website version but there is more info at