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Keep your kids busy on snow day

Families all over the West TN area were bombarded with winter weather this past weekend. Jackson, TN received around six inches of snow, a winter delight for children across the city. As we parents all know, though, school cancellations mean lots of free time for children. If your child's school has been canceled and they are tired of playing in the snow, here are some quick, fun ideas on how to keep them busy on a snow day.

Funny movies

If you are lucky enough to have electricity, rent the kids a couple of old comedies. Your kids may have never seen some of the classic comedies, like The Odd Couple (1968), Trading Places (1983), or Groundhog Day (1993).


A roll of meat paper from the grocery store and a pack of Crayola markers can provide hours of endless creative fun for younger kids. Tear off a long strip of paper and tape it down the length of your hallway and let your kids create a wall mural.


If you have older children, make a quick grocery run for the ingredients to bake their favorite cookies. Kids always have fun in the kitchen, as long as there is an adult to supervise.

Wii tournaments

If your family has a Wii system, this would be a good day to hold Wii tournaments. Use old academic or sports trophies as prizes for the winners. Remember to set time limits and mandatory breaks for the kids, though.