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Keep your iDevice clean with CleanMyPhone

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CleanMyPhone has a simple yet powerful solution to keeping your iDevice (iOS) clean and running perfect. It works on iPhone, iPad or iPod. This program not only cleans the device, but it also helps it to run faster and with better performance.

With this program you can actually organize, and manage your apps and files when its configured to the device itself. It helps with the configuration of the device. The disk usage is divided into different sections from files, videos, music, etc. It will minimize the space used on the phone and give you more space by recovering the space that has been vacant and between the apps and other items on the iDivice.

CleanMyPhone will also help to clear the cache on your device. That helps it to run smoother and faster than normal. There are app junk files that slow down the device. This will help to clean up those apps.

You can store the videos, photos and such on disk space that they offer you for saving the information that you keep on your phone. You'll never lose them like this and if you replace your phone, you'll still have them if the data cannot be recovered. This can be done in one click on your computer. It's done through the One-Click-Copy through the program as it's also put onto your computer. It's a very simple and neat process. If the device is ever dropped and damaged, the data is there for you later.