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Keep your fitness program in shape while traveling

Keeps your fitness program top of mind when traveling

The Bathroom Begonia Kit by Fitness Flower makes getting a workout in a cinch—even when you’re staying in a hotel room half way across the world. The Bathroom Begonia is a series of six simple and effective exercises that fit into your existing beauty routine. It’s an easy way to include a workout during summer travel or on a business trip. No more dealing with broken hotel gym equipment or having to leave your room to workout (especially if you have young kids or are tired from sightseeing). You can do a few squats while brushing your teeth or flex your calves while removing your make-up. Just attach the flower to your bathroom mirror and set the hourglass for each exercise. There are even six extra exercises you can do without getting out of bed! (Retails for $19.95).

When you purchase Bathroom Begonia, you receive the flower, which explains the exercises, to attach to your bathroom mirror, a sand hourglass to time each exercise and a brochure with a checklist you can use to get the most from your workout. As a bonus, you receive the Reading Rose Bookmark, which has six extra exercises you can do without getting out of bed.

“I’m passionate about helping women focus on health and wellness without asking them to devote precious time exclusively to exercise.”

—Estelle Shaw, founder.

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