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Keep your beer looking beautiful with Spiegelau's Refresh Beer Stein

Spieglau Refresh Beer Stein

Beer is an important part of life, but it is even more important during parties, celebrations, and the like. This weekend happens to mark an annual party- going occasion otherwise known as the Super Bowl and while there are some who will sip their beer from a can or bottle and hope it holds up from start to finish, there is a better option: Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein.

Glassware Made for Beer

Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein is a specially designed glass made specifically for beer. Cans and bottles do very little to retain the carbonation of beer due to their shape and other factors. But Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein is different. It features two vertical ridges on the inside walls of the glass along with a special turbine at the center to refresh and rejuvenate the beer’s carbonation.

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The way the beer stein works is simple. Each time the glass is swirled, the turbines at the bottom of the glass are activated. This, along with the special design on the inside walls of the glass, keeps the beer’s carbonation active and its head retention in place. A quick swirl is all it takes to release the beer’s aroma and make it look like it was freshly tapped just seconds ago.

Super Bowl Ready

Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein is a large glass with a capacity of more than 21 ounces. It makes a great way to drink your beer during the upcoming Super Bowl and during other lengthy parties or events. There is no need to worry about flat beer with Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein. Just a quick swirl and your beer looks fresh and new.

Get Your Glass Today

Spiegelau’s Refresh Beer Stein is a great way to enjoy the goodness of beer that is succinctly crisp, beautifully effervescent, and highly drinkable. It retails for $19.90 and it makes a great choice for those who want to keep their beer looking the way it should from the opening kickoff to the clock’s final ticks. Visit SpiegalauUSA and buy your beer stein today!

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