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Keep your apology

The Holland Family Album
The Holland Family Album
Keep your Apology by Monica C. Holland

Saying you are sorry is never a free pass when you refuse to be held accountable for the damage you have done. Forgiveness is the result of true repentance. True repentance is evidenced by the offender taking responsibility for what they have done. The world and the Body of Christ is filled with people who have never ever taken responsibility for the pain and the heartache that they have caused others. They never "own" their offenses.

Some offenders pretend as if nothing ever happened while others flat out lie and/or admit nothing. Still others just make excuses, "That happened 40 years ago" or "I was a child too" or "I did not know what I was doing" or "I was drunk". While denying their victim the possibility of closure, unrepentant offenders demand forgiveness when they have never repented. My advice, if you are not prepared to repent, do yourself and the people you have wounded a huge favor and keep your apology.

If you are not prepared to repent, do yourself and the people you have wounded a huge favor and keep your apology.

Today, I am steadfast on the road of healing because I no longer look to my offenders to fix what they broke or to bind up the wounds that they inflicted. I look to Jehovah Rapha, the Lord my healer. While I must forgive my offenders, it is my offender who must repent to God and to me if restoration is ever to take place. When and only when they repent and ask for forgiveness then and only then is restoration possible. Albeit, whether they ask for forgiveness or not, I must release them and look to the Lord to heal me and restore emotional and spiritual health to me. “For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, says the LORD…” Jeremiah 30:17.

Monica C. Holland
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