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Keep up the work on extending unemployment

Representatives called to office to spend time guaranteeing workers get their outstanding balance on government contributions failed to stop unemployment payments from getting wasted before insurance payments were cut off by the California EDD on December 28th. Workers sent their money to Washington in taxes, not just Sacramento, trusting their money earned with productivity would not leave short on income. Payment to workers is now urgent.

The Emergency Unemployment Extension Act Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer help the Senate pass would prevent unemployment from getting cut off after state unemployment ends until April 1, 2014. Three more months.

Railroad workers would not retrun to regular unemployment payments. The bill extends the railroad unemployment program federal payments through March 31st. The California reemployment program services closed down by the EDD can not help the forgotten unemployed San Diegans who los incomme while out of work. Unless the planned federal extension for the program gets past the Senate and the full Congress chooses to send the bill to President obama.

Twenty thousand San Diegans depend on the federal extensions to live through the first months in 2014, and find work. Unemployment payments the EDD called a "vital source of income," after Washington cut off the federal aid, can not fill workers pockets Obama wants filled. An extensiion not a federal priority, only the represented citizens priority for tax spending, working families have to stand by without income, and wait for their representatives to take all the steps the people count on to move ahead with their own work on adapting to a poor labor market.

Now is no time to shrink from the responsibility to return to Americans, in a time of need, the money they earned and need for family income. Labor Secretary Perez, yesterday, spoke out against the legislators wasting time. "Failure to extend the benefits at a moment when long-term unemploymment is this high would be historically unprecedented."

San Diego's employment market continues to lower the numbers out of work. Washington lawmakers held off on an extension during December, just after the Southern California city had a productive jobs gain month, leaving those workers still without a job without the payments they worked to their last day on the job to earn. Last year, Congress passed a bill late in the year that cut back San Diegans extension weeks the EDD pays out. A near seven percent unemployent rate does not give San DIegans security in a labor market that has returned to full productivity.

Local eyes are on Washington. Finish the work on extending unemployment before unemployed San DIegans lose their independent foothold in a working class.

A firm colorful examination on truth.

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